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Thread: Selecting a table saw: why I selected the King KC-26FXT

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    Default Selecting a table saw: why I selected the King KC-26FXT

    I've been looking at the same saws as everyone else: Grizzly G0691, Craftex CX201, King KC-26FXT.

    I've read the negative comments regarding King and Busy Bee. I don't disregard them, however, I feel the majority of negative comments regarding King are based on ignorance. It's tough to find someone who has had a King cabinet saw and doesn't like it. I've looked extensively. It's always a friend picked up a King tool that was cheap Chinese junk and to stay away.

    Busy Bee wasn't all that responsive to me, although they did return my call several days. It's a big chain. They aren't going to provide the customer service that a small specialty shop will. I have no doubt Busy Bee would provide sufficient service to suit my needs, although I will have to navigate a phone system that is specialized in taking orders, not providing service, if I'm ever in need of service.

    We all love Grizzly. Me included. I have several Grizzly items including a band saw. When I was purchasing the band saw, I had a bunch of questions. The questions were answered as effectively as is possible. I give Grizzly a 10 out of 10 on service and an 8 out of 10 on sales. The 8 is based on shipping problems over the border, changing the order to an American address, and having slight difficulty getting them to understand the original order needed to be killed (they chose to create a new order and kill the old one... not me). Minor stuff. Grizzly is great.

    I selected the King KC-26FXT after looking at the Craftex, Grizzly, and King saws. My opinion is that all three are identical. There is just no difference, even on close inspection. The highest priced saw was my local tool store but they had the saw in stock, are great guys, and I wanted to start a positive relationship with them.

    The only brand to differentiate itself, in my opinion, is Craftex. Craftex seems to be trying to popularize the 12" saw. I thought about that saw very seriously. It has several differences from the 10" saw. It's not just a 10" saw with a big throat plate. The arbor is a bit different (it's interchangable between 5/8" and 1") and there are a couple of other subtle differences, as well. They have a 10" saw with two arbors now, also. I wouldn't say it's better or worse because I don't know, nor do I have an opinion.

    One caveat I'd add is that I plan on moving to a coastal region in the next few years. I seriously considered the General saw with granite top to mitigate the rust issue. Ultimately, I decided against it based on convenience. This saw seems to be well sufficient so far (it's early days) so I'll just enjoy it for a couple of years and, hopefully, I'll be smarter or have a different opinion after some experience with this saw and I'll pick up the most appropriate saw for the area based on local dealers, etc.

    If you found this post using the search feature as part of your table saw research, understand I'm a 30 year hobby wood worker who has never had a cabinet table saw before. I'm just a guy who did some research, picked up a saw, and now looks forward to making some sawdust.

    Cheers from Regina, SK.
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    Default Re: Selecting a table saw: why I selected the King KC-26FXT

    Hi Tom, hope you enjoy your new saw.

    I have a 12" saw and it comes in handy sometimes when cutting rough material.............Regards, Rod.

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    Default Re: Selecting a table saw: why I selected the King KC-26FXT

    that sounds like a lot of good solid reasoning to me

    many times, the price "at the loading dock" is not a fair comparison at all

    whats it gonna cost, delivered into my basement with the proper cord, a decent blade, mobile base, assembled ready to use ie plug and play, all the options installed and ready to use

    price comparisons any other way are useless

    i bought a ridgid 3650 a few years ago, took me a whole day to assemble and true it up(although to be fair tuneup was minimal), but 10 hours to assemble adds a lot of value, so a 600 buck saw and add a decent blade, router table and a few other minor upgrades, it quickly becomes a 1000 buck saw
    my shop is a beaver lodge
    steve, sarnia, ont

    1930's Beaver Bandsaw

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    Default Re: Selecting a table saw: why I selected the King KC-26FXT

    Carefull Stevie. You know you're not allowed to charge for your own time.
    "Do it Right!"

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