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Thread: Workshop lighting article by Jack Lyndsay on other forum

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    Default Workshop lighting article by Jack Lyndsay on other forum

    Jack Lyndsay is professional lighting guy and he is the author of decade and older article in Fine Woodworking on 'how to light up a woodworking workshop'.
    He sometimes posts on the sawmillcreek forum on lighting, responding to individual queries.
    Jack then agreed to write an updated, 'complete' article on workshop lighting and this is the result, posted as a 'sticky' on that website.

    The core of the article is Jack's formula for 'how much' lighting is recommended and how to space the fixtures.

    In addition other highpoints are identifying the current 'sweet spot' in value (i.e. T8 fluorescent tubes, 4 foot lengths, electronic ballasts) for the workshop with typical ceiling height and make the point that you need an overall output of twice the amount of 'generated' lumens as typically only half this amount reaches down to working surfaces, even with no plastic diffusers, with white ceilings/walls. Annual or once every two year wiping off the accummulated dust on the tubes recovers a significant amount of lighting, 10 to 20% if the dust is never removed. Colour value is a personal preference though he suggests 3500k is relatively neutral and may be a place to start if you don't have access to a comparative array of different kevin rated tubes.

    Good article.

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