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    Question concrete picnic table top

    I am a member of the local Lions club and before my time they installed a concrete stand for a picnic table and did not for some reason put the concrete top on it. The wood top needs replacing and I cannot find a concrete one that will fit so I am thinking of putting a 2 inch oak one on. My question is what kind of finish or brand of finish should I put on it so that I don't have to do it every spring. ( I don't want to paint it) Thanks for your help ( if you can think of another cover that would work that may change my idea ( a steel top is as expensive as buying a new one)


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    Just a thought....why not do a poured-in-place concrete top? A sheet of plywood to build a form, a can of PAM cooking spray as a release agent, some rebar if its covering a span and a couple bags of sand mix will cost far less than oak and last longer too

    Just google "poured in place concrete counter top" and there are tons of articles and video tutorials. It's a pretty easy project.
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    and really hard to carve your initials into

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    poured in place would be my choice.

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