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Thread: Plumbing a two sink bathroom vanity

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    Default Plumbing a two sink bathroom vanity

    We've decided to replace our main bathroom single sink vanity with a two sink version- sinks approx 30" apart. I haven't yet decided on a plan for the carcase, however I was hoping it will have doors in front of each sink with a row of drawers down the centre. I'm trying to figure out how the plumbing will work and not affect the depth of the drawers in the centre as the drain outflow is currently located in the centre of the existing vanity. So how do I connect both sink drains without affecting the depth of the drawers. I was hoping to keep this project relatively simple and not require a plumber to come in to move the drain line and supply lines.
    If you also have plans, or suggested sites for plans, for a two sink vanity, that would be greatly appreciated.

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    The obvious facts dictate the drains have to be lower than the sink, tie into a vent and if you don't want to hit the drain pipes with a drawer back they must be recessed. All in all pretty simple. Start cutting some drywall and studs if you really don't want to shorten a drawer.
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    Without knowing more about how it is currently plumbed, I'm thinking you'll be needing some 'horizontals" (remembering to keep whatever drop is required) to connect the two to some common existing drain. If you're tearing out the old, couldn't these be placed behind the drawers (i.e. in the wall) or below (i.e. along or in the floor?)

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