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Thread: A few good tools for sale

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    Default A few good tools for sale

    It's time for the annual fishing trip with my son. He is coming home from BC and we plan to tour the north country for a week. As it is in Ontario I get the honor of paying expenses, so it's time to move some tools.

    Stanley No5C type 19 1948-62 Very good condition with a long sharp blade. The tote & knob are good with no breaks,cracks or chips. All metal surfaces good+. Ready to work.
    latest 5C.jpg Latest 5C-1.jpg

    Stanley Yankee No30A ratcheting screwdriver. This is the model with the return spring. In very good condition. This will save you a ton of money on your electrical bill.
    Yankee No30A.jpg

    Stanley No78 SOLD
    Plus shipping from L2M 3W2 or pick up
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