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Thread: Newbie question about Buffing

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    Default Newbie question about Buffing

    Hi all, I'm getting alittle more into turning and I have started to add finishes to my turnings; but I would like to get a high-er gloss finish than I get with Clear coats. I have several pieces that I have tried my hand with wood burning and want to know if I can apply buffing compound to them while they are on the lathe... I don't have a buffing station. Are there any issues with doing it on the lathe? Also, what would be a good compound to start off trying? I like the natural look of the piece, so I'm not looking to add laquer (yet). I read a lot about Brown Tripoly; can that be applied on the lathe?
    Sorry for rambling on!!

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    just what you thought :^')

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    Woodturning ???? are best placed in the woodturning forum

    Here's some info, posted question and answers on the turning forum.

    Have fun and take care
    Leo Van Der Loo

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    Default Re: Newbie question about Buffing

    Beall buffing products work great!
    This was done as a test run on a pair of screwed up grip panels.
    Bare wood hit with Tripoli, White Diamond and then hand waxed. Quickly shined up a dull scratched piece of wood.

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