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Thread: $200 Beaver 3400 lathe with 1/2hp motor

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    Default $200 Beaver 3400 lathe with 1/2hp motor

    Steve originally re-posted similar to this for me, as I put it in the wrong Forum, as a newbie.
    Now you can contact me if there's any interest.
    I have a Rockwell/Beaver 3400 lathe for sale.
    It comes with a 1/2hp motor with pulley, and original: "manual", wrench, knock-out bar, screw-on spur centre, cup centre, faceplate, screwcentre, pulley; plus Oneway 7/8x14tpi adaptor; and a, home-made stand approx 37" tall x 55" long, and 24" deep, double 2x4 bolted frame and 1 1/8 total, 2-layered particleboard top (if you want it.)
    The banjo has been professionally braized, and repainted.
    The lathe's serial # is 197657, and the "manual" is "6-75".
    I can provide photos if anyone is interested. I was told last week t the Golden Horseshoe Woodturner's Guild that it didn't look like I used it very much.
    Unfortunately, I'm not in the delivery business, but the lathe and stuff except the table fit easily into a car trunk.

    I'm looking for $200 for all.

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