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Andre, Thanks for the information, How do you find the saw? I can't decide if I am going to keep the machine yet.
Cheers, Mark

Unfortunately there are many issues with this particular table saw model:

The fact that there are so many moving parts requires regular maintenance because these become clogged with sawdust and machine becomes very difficult if not impossible to adjust properly.

This means taking the whole saw apart,clean everything,relube and put it back together.I have to perform this at least 3-4 times a year on mine.

The numerous openings under the table make it impossible to have efficient dust collection.

When I tilt the table and then bring it back 90 degres the blade and table slots become out of parallel almost everytime ,again there is a lot of fiddling around to fix this.

With no possibility of adding wings to this particular type of table,working large panels becomes difficult and hazardous unless using an extension on both the right side and the outfeed side.

The original base being quite narrow,it is not possible to set the tool on a mobile base , it could easily tip over.