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Thread: "Order Confirmation" Scam

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    Default "Order Confirmation" Scam

    maybe not new in some areas, but we've had several calls from these guys

    we havent "ordered" anything from anywhere. all these guys want is a credit card number

    caller id is "order verification", number is 519-489-7193

    no doubt a scam, be aware
    my shop is a beaver lodge
    steve, sarnia, ont

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    Default Re: "Order Confirmation" Scam

    I always make up a credit card number for them. Anything that I can do to waste their time is good.
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    Default Re: "Order Confirmation" Scam

    So you're the guy that got the 52" flat screen that I paid for!
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    Default Re: "Order Confirmation" Scam

    Get them here too in Port Vincent, South Australia. Always ask me for, " Order confirmation," - for something or the other. I simply reply, " can you ring back at a more appropriate time, as have a very important client here right now. " That usually gets rid of them. Mate in the next town over, ( Minlaton ), "cured," the, " Order Confirmation," guy once and for all, with this reply;- " Minlaton Dead Center,- how many dead bodies do you require ? " Never ever heard from the scammer again !!!!


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    Default Re: "Order Confirmation" Scam

    This is showing up as a Kindle Book Order Confirmation on the internet.

    The links all take you to Malware sites. Need I say: Do not use the links in the email?

    If you want to see what happens if you do -- check the previous post on security.

    My wife got one -- I took her through the process to check her Amazon Kindle account.

    As for the phone version -- I tell them the parcel arrived -- I talked the UPS guy into leaving the parcel without paying.

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