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Thread: busy bee b325 planer

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    Default busy bee b325 planer

    Please i need help for my busy bee b325 planer. I have passed through different threads to find the owner's manual and found one but it is for a CBM-1.
    That one is for an older planer than mine. I think my planer is a 1989. Is there anybody kind enough to provide me with a copy in PDF.

    Thank you in advance


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    Default Re: busy bee b325 planer

    i cant help you personally, but i sent a pm to busybee, a member of their management team is a member here and very helpful,

    if he can he will help, however support from bb for older machines isnt great

    having said that about bb, most manufacturers do not support older machines either
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    Hi jfbouch

    I've just sent you a PM.
    We can put one in the mail to you no charge.
    PDF copy will be on our web site shortly as well under manuals

    The B325 hasn't been sold for a number of years, however we do understand the value of having older manuals on-line.
    We are working (slowly) on updating a number of older/popular machines manuals for inclusion on our site.

    If anyone is looking for a manual or old literature, feel free to PM me here or email our CS team at

    Canada's Woodworking & Metalworking Specialists Since 1976

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