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Thread: Oak Split for chairs

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    Default Oak Split for chairs

    Here is one of the two red oak logs from my neighbour's tree.

    Jim Lebans and his son Robbie helped me to split them into bolts. I mostly watched and cheered.

    otree down 028.jpg

    I now have 6 bows bent and lots of spindles rived and shaved.

    Thanks Jim and Robbie.
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    Cool, I look forward to more progress photos!

    Those two grey dots intrigue me. Are they mineral streaks? Did it extend all the way down through the log?
    It's not about you.

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    just what you thought :^')

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    All the dark spots are where iron has come in contact with the wet wood, the tanning and acid in the log turns the iron a blue-black color and stains also the wood.

    Have fun and take care
    Leo Van Der Loo

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    Default Re: Oak Spilt for chairs

    Hey Harry:

    It's your old squash adversary, Flude. Glad to see we have something else in common. :>)


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    Hi Steve.
    Leo's right about 50 years ago someone hammered a couple of nails in. If you look at the bolts you can see the black where the steel wedges were driven. I'll probably not need to use any of the stained wood but as the chairs will have a coat of black milk paint over red I won't worry too much. This is a pretty big tree - 36" diam. At the small end.

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    And here we go - great new chairs from big old oak tree. Did you manage to make them yourself in the backyard workshop or something like that?

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