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    My husband has carpeted a set of stairs to the basement. There is a landing which he has used the flooring for the basement on. I would like suggestions on how to finish the edge of the two top steps. The first one is in our livingroom and we laid engineered hardwood flooring but took it to the top of the stairs. I know there is a metal strip I could use but I want a finished look. Also at the last few steps from the landing on the open side I want to put a wide board on it. I have seen it in reno shows but not close enough to see the way it is finished and the width. If you have any ideas for the above, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks

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    With engineered flooring its hard to get the same look. But you can machine a piece of hardwood and make your own bull nose. Its a lot easier with real hardwood because you can take an actual piece of the floor and router it to make up the nosing.

    Make a blank with 2 thickness of the wood and glue them together then rout the top and bottom with what ever radius you want.

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    First question...

    Is it a floating (click/glued tongue & groove) engineered hardwood or is it glued/stapled?

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    He said in the second line it was engineered. Most such flooring needs to be nailed down. No?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg from K/W View Post
    He said in the second line it was engineered. Most such flooring needs to be nailed down. No?
    No, that's why I asked. As well, it's she, not he.

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    Place some images in this forum of what you're talking about and I'm sure you'll get more suggestions

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