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    Jon Guest

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    i am looking to purchase the Ridgid brand 6" jointer that HD sells.i have the Ridgid planer that i am quite happy with but it is the older model. this jointer i believe is built by another supplier to Ridgid. does anyone have the new jointer and would they recommend it?

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    philc Guest

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    Save yourself some dough and get the KING KC150-C or the delta equivalent. The king is usally on sale for $389 at, performs just the same as the ridgid without the pretty orange paint.

    Thats all ur paying for, same with dewalt and their pretty yellow.

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    A good friend of mine has the older Ridgid. As far as I can tell the new one is just the old one with a new paint job. My friend is very happy with his. He put a mess of teak through it last winter and quite a bit of oak this summer.

    I have the GI 6" with the bed extensions. I'm really happy with it because I like the longer bed but it was a little bit more than the Ridgid.

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