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Thread: New hobby workbench room... (Long)

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    Default New hobby workbench room... (Long)

    My wife wanted me to set up my model car building workbench upstairs so we would be closer together while working. Her room is a big room that used to be a craft store that we ran for 12 years. She wanted me to install my workbench in the "back store".

    Last Fall, we had one of those inverter heat pumps installed on the back wall of the back store room. I found that the heat wasn't getting into the front room because it had to zig-zag through a door off center from the heat pump. Here is what I did to remedy that situation...

    I poked a 6 foot wide opening flanked by two 36" french doors that I installed as pocket doors. I then machined brackets and pulleys to tie the 2 doors together so they function as one. Pull on the door on one side and the one of the other side comes out of the wall at the same time, pushing does the opposite.

    Here are the same doors viewed from my wife's room...

    You'll notice I opened up the transom above the doors, there is no glass up there, so even with the doors closed, some heat will cross over to the front room, as will cooling in Summer.

    Now, back to the workbench problem. I didn't want my messy workbench to be the first thing guests would see coming into our house. That back room is our main entrance in Winter. So... if you look back at the first picture above, you will see that I continued the wall facing you (from the washroom wall) and created a small archway to a room for my workbench area. This is the solution I came up with to hide the potential mess of a workbench.

    Here it is half open...

    ... and now fully open.

    The small room behind this subterfuge is only 5 feet and a bit by 8 1/2 feet.

    I bought the hardware to do the folding shelving units from but used plywood I had around for the casing and recycled wood from a floor in our former store for the facings.

    What do you think? Comments? Questions?

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    Default Re: New hobby workbench room... (Long)

    Very slick! love the bookshelves.

    cool idea for the pocket doors too... is the cable system in the header then? it's pretty compact.

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    Default Re: New hobby workbench room... (Long)

    I've run the cable loop between the track and the doors. The brackets I machined are actually held by two bolts in holes I threaded in the trolley brackets, you can see the hanger bolts between those bolts...

    The casing trim around the track is removable on one side in case something happens to the cable (clothes line). The doors are attached to the clothes line loop (one door on each side of the loop) with set screws on the side of the brackets.

    The pocket door kits are made by a company called Johnson Hardware. I used two kits.

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    Default Re: New hobby workbench room... (Long)

    Great ideas. Liking the bookshelf solution.
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