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Thread: Explosion-proof exhaust fans

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    Kerry- in Calgary Guest

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    Does anyone know where to get an explosion proof fan that could be installed in a basement WW shop? I have an area in my shop about 6' by 8' that I would like to isolate from the rest of the shop with a poly curtain and use it as a finishing area, but I have no ventilation in there.

    I installed a fresh air circulating fan in my 400 sq. ft. shop but it is inadequate for providing the necessary ventilation for finishing. Besides, I would like to isolate the finishing area so that I can continue to work if something is drying.

    Any other suggestions would be helpful.


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    Kerry- in Calgary Guest

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    Ooooh, I just noticed my post time.

    Happy Canada Day everyone!!!

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    Gord - Cambridge Guest

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    Hi Kerry

    Try here, they will be able to tell you where a canadian dealer is.

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    W.Y. Guest

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    You can get one at Expensive but very necessary. Wise decision to get a sealed explosion proof motor for spraying. I was spraying some guitars years ago with a motor that looked sealed all right but it wasn't explosion proof. Cleaning out the gun with laquer thinner and there was a loud bang and flames. Luckilly I had a fire extinguisher right beside me.. Which leads to another suggestion........Have a good fire extinguisher at arms reach in any kind of spray booth with any kind of fan motor. Good luck and work safely.

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    Ken (Ottawa area) Guest

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    Our local Co-op (farm supplies) carry explosion-proof fans for use in ventilating barns.

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    E. Tonks Guest

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    Once you have rounded up an explosion-proof fan, the next thing you must check out is explosion-proof lights. Ordinary lights can creat a spark or arc which can ignite the flamable fumes. Actually all wiring within the paint booth must be explosion proof also -- or eliminated. Explosion proof flourescent lamps are extremely expensive. Years ago, my father owned an autobody repair shop, and had explosion proof lights installed in has paintshop. They had cast bases and a domed glass cover that screwed onto the base just like a mason jar onto its lid. They were large enough for a 200w bulb, and were the least expensive.

    A word of caution, spray painting inside a building is dangerous, laquer is very dangerous (it is made of nitro-cellulose, a cousin of nitro-glycerin) and should not be used without all the safety and protection methods available.

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    Harvey Freeman - Halifax. Guest

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    I use an HVLP sprayer with water based acrylic paint in my small with no spray booth at all but would never think of spraying quick dry industrial enamel paint there.

    I am considering building a shelter in the back yard to provide sufficient enclosure from wind but still very well ventilated naturally where I can spray the industrial enamel.

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