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Thread: HVLP unit... C.Hausfeld HV2000

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    Steve in Kemptville, On. Guest

    Default HVLP unit... C.Hausfeld HV2000

    THis is the same as a HV1500 but with better internal parts and a metal cup (from the HV3000 I think) according to C.H..

    THe price on thier website is $219 USD or under $350 in CDN Pesos.

    Is this a decent unit for hoby WW'ing (they claim it is)?

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    Bob Wolfe (Weyburn,Sk.) Guest

    Default Re: HVLP unit... Don't overlook DeVillbiss

    I have the Devilbiss model FLG-635. It is a gravity feed, (uses less air than suction, comes with two tips, and a presseur regultor with a guage. You can use this unit with a bag for the fluid, which lets you spray upside down and easier clean up.

    I purchased mine from Acklands. I think that with taxes it was under $300. I have just been using it to paint a truck. Worked great, easy to set up.
    If I could only learn how to use it!!!!!!!!!

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    Bob Wolfe (Weyburn,Sk.) Guest

    Default Re: HVLP unit... Don't overlook DeVillbiss

    Forgot, its HVLP.

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    Steve in Kemptville, On. Guest

    Default Bob...

    I assume this is a gun only you are referring to?
    I only have a smallish 2hp twin tank contractors compressor with 6cfm @ 40psi. I don't know if this would be sufficient to operate this gun???

    THe CH unit hs a small turbine with it but I'm sure the gun is not as good as yours.

    Do you think I'd have any hope of running the DeVilbis on my little compressor? Keeping in mind it's hobby use and the biggest thing I would be finishing is furniture, maybe a hutch, chest of drawers, kitchen cabinet doors etc., no automotive painting or real big jobs.

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    Bryan Cowing, ont. Guest

    Default Re: HVLP unit... C.Hausfeld HV2000

    I use a wagner hvlp that sells for $290 at the building box, its an ok hobby sprayer. I seen the campbell hausfield unit at HD. Looks way better than my Wagner. No cheap plastic in its construction. What I don't like about the wagner is the cheap hose which is easily crushed if you step on it while spraying.

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