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Thread: Beginners Bench *PIC*

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    P Lam Guest

    Default Beginners Bench *PIC*

    So like every newbie woodworker one of the first things I have to build is a bench, so here's my version.

    Keep in mind this is the first real piece of furniture I've built so go easy

    Anyways it is made of plain old spf lumber from home depot, 6 - 2x4 and 2 - 2x6. The legs are laminated 2x4's and 2x6's. It is roughly 5feet wide by 2feet deep. The bottom stretchers are pinned pinned m & t, I cut the mortises with a dado blade before I laminated the legs. The legs are also pinned m & t into the feet, but there I cut a stopped dado to create the mortise. Most benches don't have the top stretcher but since I'm going to be using a laminated mdf top I was a little worried about sag. The top stretcher is attached with a half lap joint.

    The bench is actually sitting on the top which is 4 layers of 5/8 mdf. I have put on 3 coats of poly so far and I think I might leave it at that, I haven't finished the top as I need to cut out an inset for the vise and edge band it. I'll probable poly the top also.

    Some things I leared about building this bench:

    -spf lumber is so soft, it doesn't take much to dent. I think just talking about it just know added a few more dents.

    -spf lumber has serious tearout issues, even with backer boards.

    -I had a great time building it and I'm glad I started woodworking.

    I didn't use real hardwood as the cost would have been high and I considered this a practice bench. Also I don't have a jointer yet and s2s hardwood isn't commonly available in Vancouver at reasonable prices.

    In keeping with the recent threads on time spent, at this point I have 24 hours into it.

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    Default Re: Beginners Bench

    Dude, it looks great. If that is the practice I for one am looking forward to seeing the beauty of the finial product.

    All the best

    Stephen Leadbeater

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    Hi There,

    The base looks great! I think you're off to a great start with this hobby. I can't wait to see the final version.

    All the best,

    Al in Toronto

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    Gord in Newmarket Guest

    Default Nice, I'd be happy with that. *NM*

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    Wish my first bench was that functional and looked that good. Nicely done!

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    Zibby.......Brantford Guest

    Default Re: Beginners Bench

    Self confidence goes a long way in this hobby. Your off to a excellent start with what you have shown and critiqued yourself on. Very nice work.

    keep it coming.

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    Rob Stokes in North Vanco Guest

    Default Re: Beginners Bench

    Nutin' wrong with that bench!


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    Default Nice Bench! *NM*

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    Default Beginners Bench???

    Sure doesn't look it.

    You musta been a WWer in a previous life!

    Great job!

    Welcome to the forum here.


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